ur Governance Philosophy is based on a set of laws, rules and regulations and good practices that enables the organisation to perform efficiently and ethically and create value for all its stakeholders.

The organisation is committed to the belief that the adoption of the best governance practices will take us a long way ahead.

The roots of our value system and governance practices reflect the culture of the trusteeship. The core philosophy rests on 4 basic tenets:

  • Board accountability to the organisation and stakeholders

  • Equitable treatment to all stakeholders

  • Strategic guidance and effective monitoring by the Board

  • Transparency and timely disclosure

Following the philosophy and adoption of the best governance practices, Akshaya Patra continuously strives for excellence.

A successful Public – Private Partnership

Bhartiya Samriddhi Vikas Kalyan Sangthan Trust works in partnership with the Other Organization’s, Institute  and Skill Training Centre’s at  various State.  Trust  conducting its programme to help us run the Skill Training  Scheme successfully, the Partner  support us with grain and cash subsidies. We receive generous support from corporate houses and individual donors as well.

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