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Bhartiya Samridhi Vikas Kalyan Sangathan/Trust India is a social organization (Non-Government Organization) whose work area is all over India as well as organizations are registered by the Government of India (NITI Aayog), Reg. (4255) Unique ID: BR/0249429 Act (1882) and National Human Rights/Women’s Commission is certified by many other commissions of the government. The head office of the Bhartiya Samridhi Vikas Kalyan Sangathan/Trust is located at 855108, Purnia Mandal District Kishanganj, (UP Complex Dharamshala Road Kishanganj) of Bihar State.


Purpose of the Trust:-

  1. Promotion of environmental protection, social, cultural, character, intellectual, mental, spiritual, literacy and educational progress in human beings and by awakening the extinct powers in human beings, arranging desired education, medical and vocational training. To strive for human welfare so that the society can become civilized, educated, healthy and prosperous.
  2. Tailoring, embroidery, knitting, handicraft, craft, music, dance, photography, journalism, printing, screen printing, offset printing, show to boys/girls. Creating employment from self-dependent self-employed and unemployed by arranging dance, competition, fashion designing, beautician, modern technology training.
  3.  In view of the lack of education in society and human interest, opening of labor society development mission and industrial training, establishment of educational institutions training centers for the purpose of raising the level of education and providing them with new technology such as computer training, blood tests, establishment of ITI centers. To do and rehabilitate and employ the trained students.
  4. Establishment of artificial limbs, food, free housing, old age homes, orphanages etc. for disabled, crippled, old, widow destitute children and persons in rural/urban areas.
  5.  By removing evils like dowry system, child marriage, female infanticide, infertility, contagion, tantrik, widow atrocities etc. in a new direction, by propagating educated civilized society and ideal principles, end evils and evils. Make every effort to do so.
  6. The organization should give information about pollution, wildlife protection, environmental protection, environmental relations to the general public and implement such programs and action plans that can be used for environmental protection and promotion and to provide a new direction to environmental protection. Running pollution control campaign and getting trees planted.
  7. Aids, HIV, Malnutrition, Tuberculosis, Cholera, T.V., Smallpox etc. diseases spread in human life due to which the person sometimes becomes a victim of death, in such a situation the team selected by the organization and the government help in rural/urban areas. Getting proper medicines arranged and publicized by the medical team together.
  8.  With the help of NREGA / MNREGA government, in view of unemployment in rural areas, to run programs like MNREGA, so that the migration of laborers can be stopped.
  9. To organize medical camps in rural areas and to get blood tests and medicines distributed
  10. To provide grant money to poor, orphan, destitute boys/girls so that they can get their higher education by the institution.
  11. 11. Making a significant contribution in the world of education, establishment and operation and management of multifaceted reading room of literacy and education, medical, dental, pharmacy, college etc. Providing to the girl child.
  12. To create awareness in the society by organizing camps, conferences, seminars, seminars based on social, economic and political subjects, efforts are being made by the media administration to connect the masses with the organization and to take the programs of the organization to urban and rural areas.
  13.  Resolving the problem of migration happening in rural areas, unemployment problem, agriculture problem, Panchayati Raj system etc. through seminars and taking help from the government.
  14.  In view of the lack of employment in the society and in view of the lack of education, providing technical education and industrial, vocational and employment education such as computer, software/hardware education, medical center etc. to arrange educational centers.
  15.  Seeing the increasing population and lack of awareness in human life, Human Rights Assistant, Police Friend, Women Awareness Team, etc. should be formed and other new teams should be formed and spread awareness in human interest by the organization.
  16. To remove the growing caste and communal conflicts in the society.
  17. Drug-free campaign, female feticide, child marriage, animal protection, women safety, religion, to remove special differences between castes and to spread awareness by running campaigns from time to time to bring improvement in the society.
  18. . Arranging mass marriages of poor, orphan, destitute girls and campaigning against dowry system by making them aware.
  19. Provincial, regional, divisional, district, tehsil, block, panchayat and village level organization to run the program and to try to help as much as possible and to spread awareness about the public welfare schemes of the organization in the entire rural and urban areas. Opening the branch and appointing office bearers in the branch.
  20.  To make efforts in the direction of providing the benefits of education, social security and health services to the displaced and homeless, orphans, homeless (street / children) received by the government. To make efforts to provide them opportunities for development by giving them education and technical training so that they can be linked to the main stream of national development.
  21. To get information from the experts related to the agriculture sector by setting up camps at various places in the rural areas regarding the increasing problems in the agriculture sector and to make fertilizers, manure, seeds, medicines available at reasonable prices by indigenous companies.
  22. Movement against human traffickers, sexual exploitation, underage children/girls traders and giving a new direction to their future. To ensure action against these Gorakh businessmen by taking the help of the administration and by providing facilities for rehabilitation and other facilities like food, clothes etc., to link them with education, to link them with the main stream of the society by providing industrial training and to make efforts to provide self-employment and employment.

The Growth of BSVKS Trust – A Quick Overview

On 28 November 2001, the Supreme Court of India passed a mandate, “Cooked mid-day meal is to be provided in all the Government and Government-aided primary schools in all the states.” And, Akshaya Patra was also called upon to provide testimonies to the Supreme Court.

By the time the Ministry of Human Resource Development – Department of School Health and Education extended its support to the initiative in 2003, Akshaya Patra was already reaching out to 23,000 children.

Today, Akshaya Patra has 67 kitchens spread across 15 states and 2 Union Territories of India, a result of the successful Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the Government of India, various state governments and generous supporters.

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